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Today's Reason To March - Because When It Comes to Women's Reproductive Freedom There Is No Compromise

Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
Sunday July 29th, 2012
19 days till the MARCH!

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools, Katherine Manaan

Today's Reason To March - Because It Is Now Legal To Say That Abortion Causes Suicide


Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
July 28, 2012
20 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

Of course it's a lie, a big fat lie that abortion causes suicide but doctors in South Dakota are now expected to warn their patients seeking an abortion that they may consider suicide after the fact.

On August 18th, 2012, take a stand for truth, justice and the tribe of women.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

Today's Reason to March - Because A Woman Is Battered Every 15 Seconds In The United States

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

Friday, July 27, 2012
21 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

According to the UN Study on the Status of Women, "Somewhere in America a woman is battered, usually by her intimate partner, every 15 seconds." 

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat


Liberty and Equality for Women Poster

Please download the high resolution version for printing and sharing.

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Todays Reason To March - Because Any Pharmacist In Kansas Can Deny A Woman Birth Control

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
Wed, July 25th, 2012
23 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

Not only can a pharmacist in Kansas deny a woman birth control, the pharmacist can refuse to refuse to refer patients to pharmacists who will fill birth control prescriptions.


Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools, Katherine Manaan

Today's Reason For Marching - Refuse To Collude With Your Own Oppression

By:Katherine Manaan

Middle Aged Woman Talking

Sunday, July 22nd
26 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

Spirituality in people form is humanity. When I see my beloved humanity, my tribe, my planet, being trampled on in ways too numerous to count, I become appropriately angry. Love contains all; my anger is the anger born out of love, when I see the unfair, the unjust, the flat-out wrong I will do what I can to correct it. 

The other day a woman who considers herself quite “spiritual,” quite “evolved,” told me that my involvement in the world, my passion for women as a tribe, humanity in general, and the environment, was not spiritual. This is not the first time I have heard this concept bandied around and personally I think its utter bullshit and comes out the mouths of people who use their spirituality to separate themselves from the world, and their sense of utter and complete powerlessness to change it. I am intimate with the sense of utter and complete powerlessness but I also know as a woman of the Wyrd that everything contains its opposite and if I stay with the feeling, accept and contain it, it will take me directly onto the path of power and subsequent right action.

Spirituality is the bedrock out which my belief systems grow. Ever evolving and deepening, my spirituality infuses my politics, my political beliefs, and my political actions. As an American I am a member of a democracy, a system of governance wherein all people ostensibly have an equal say in their governing. I say ostensibly because this is clearly no longer true. Life has never been more unfair and when people look me and say somewhat smuggly, 'well life isn't fair Kat,' I snap back, 'it can be a lot fairer.' You see my spirituality has no tolerance for bullies, liars, and bigots. I recognize their right to exist but I will never accept their right to determine the kind of world in which I live because that world is the antithesis of everything that is humane. A life without confrontation is not more spiritual; it is a life that colludes with its own oppression.


Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

Today's Reason To March - The Power of Shared Intention

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
Saturday, July 21, 2012
27 days till the MARCH 8-18-21

The juggernaut that women can be when they come together with clear and shared intention is truly world changing. When Komen decided to defund Planned Parenthood the response from women across the country all but shut down SGK and to this day it has not recovered. Hard earned monies by women and the men who love them are now going to Breast Cancer Action, an organization which acknowledges the link between environment and cancer and refuses funding from companies producing known carcinogens. 

The point is there was no question in anyone's mind that Planned Parenthood was being defunded as part of the anti-choice movement's strategy to connect Planned Parenthood to abortion. Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions but they do refer clients if they ask and if an abortion is a medical necessity. That is why the anti-choice movement does not want any federal monies whatsoever going to Planned Parenthood. Where they want the money to go is to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, basically Planned Parenthood without the abortion, contraception, and sex education and lots of scripture. This past week we saw the beginning of a new kind of anti-choice legislation coming out of Texas which would make it illegal for a doctor to mention the word abortion. Anti-choice legislation that continues to be passed and make inroads at the state level bans abortions after twenty weeks even if the pregnancy is a result of rape and/or incest, endangers a woman's life, or if the fetus is dead. 

The anti-choice movement has been organizing for over 40 years, since the passage of Roe Versus Wade, and it shows. However, women across the country came together for a few days and single-handedly brought down Susan G. Komen. It wasn't organized, it was spontaneous, and so powerful Kristin Gillibrand, clearly the hardest working woman in government, joined with a few other democrats to form One Million Strong For Women, the purpose of the which was to harness this phenomenal female energy that surprised the crap out of everybody. We bring this phenomenal female energy and the power of shared intention as we join together and MARCH for our Reproductive Freedom and Equal Rights, 8-18-12.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

Medical Insurance, ED, And Viagra

By:Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

Friday July 20th, 2012
28 days till the MARCH!

To: The Republican Party and Blue Dog Democrats
Dear Sirs and Madames,
In answer to the document we have recently received….if erectile dysfunction is to be defined (and it is) as a medical condition deserving of coverage what is actually being said is that a man’s inability to achieve tumescence is as harmful to his health and quality of life as say asthma or high blood pressure. Thus Viagra is to ED what an inhaler is to an asthmatic, and blood thinners and beta blockers are to the heart patient. Theoretically treatment allows the patient to enjoy the same quality of life they knew before the disease (medical condition) or so the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, and the ads tell us. By taking the prescribed drug, the asthmatic can breathe freely, the heart patient can stave off a heart attack and/or open-heart surgery, and the ED patient can have sexual congress. By defining ED as a medical condition you are stating unequivocally that a man’s ability to engorge and engage in sexual congress is as important as his need to breathe and his ability to avoid a heart attack. Most of the sane and insane men we love beyond all reason agree and have spelled out for us in no uncertain terms that it is the completion of the sex act that is key to a man’s health and quality of life. Interestingly enough the medical community concurs with this man-on-the-street opinion.
To take Viagra and not experience release is a guaranteed and thoroughly unpleasant visit to the hospital. We have this on good authority from the men we know who take Viagra and the doctors who prescribe it. It stands to reason then that the partner of the man taking Viagra, the recipient of his tumescence, is as intrinsic to the treatment of ED as Viagra for it is her/his warm, wet opening that is the stimulation that moves the act of sexual congress to completion. Now, implicit in the idea of birth control as a lifestyle is that SEX is the chosen lifestyle and according to the men and women who define ED as a medical condition that’s bad (you slut) and you’re on your own. But based on your own argument, that the ability to engorge and have sexual congress (release) is vital to a man’s health and well-being, then whoever (female, male, or trans-gendered) is having sex with a man on Viagra is actually performing a valuable medical service; a life-saving, life-prolonging, life-enhancing service, comparable to the Heimlich Maneuver. Birth control (sex) in this situation is hardly a life-style choice any more then a soldier’s need for military issued sunglasses in the desert is an issue of vanity.
The question that begs to be asked is should the service itself, sexual congress, be covered by medical insurance, as it is as intrinsic to successful treatment of ED as the “exhale” is to breathing. One of the men on Viagra with whom we spoke said he would have no problem paying premiums for his wife’s services. He was a little worried about the deductible though and the number of visits the insurance companies would allow. Yet another man we know on Viagra, an unmarried lobbyist, told us he already spent close to $5000 a month on escorts and massages and wondered what the difference would be between his current expenditures and the monthly premium and the co-pay. Still another man we know, gay and a political activist in a long-term committed relationship, (both he and his partner are taking Viagra) said what’s needed here is an “Association and/or Union” for people who are having sex with men on Viagra, that way the partner can get a better price on the insurance. The lobbyist agreed. The question of course is what is the time frame that determines whether or not ED is a pre-existing condition.
Now back to your original statement given for not insuring birth control namely, “Birth control is a lifestyle choice.” The statement is meant to sound intelligent but it is little more than nonsensical verbosity, you know it and we know it, therefore it cannot be addressed much less argued without losing hours of valuable time to phophorescent inanity. We are returning this document to you and respectfully request the following: a total of the monies earned by pharmaceutical companies on birth control pills last year, the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies stand to lose if birth control pills are insured, and a paper stating in simple language the process by which insured drugs make money for insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Clearly before we proceed with the conversation about insuring birth control we need a bi-partisan review to determine the purpose of sex; pleasure or procreation? We would also need to know how many of the significant others of congress and the senate are in fact indulging in birth control as they are the micro of the macro. How soon do you think you could get a special task force up and running?
Thank you for you time and consideration.
Katherine Manaan
Chairperson – Kitchen Table Caucus.

Today's Reason To March - Justice, Equality, Peace

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

Thursday, July 19, 2012

29 days till the MARCH  8-18-12

“The Great Change in America, that would trigger off a global revolution for justice, equality, and peace, came through what is now known as the WOMEN’S VOTE OF 2012. Chanting ‘RESIST, REBEL, REVOLT,’ thousands of women joined the April, 2012, march. By the August 18, 2012, march there were easily three million women in Washington, DC. The Women’s Vote of 2012 broke the back of the Republican Party, the women then took on the 1% and the long and arduous process of remaking the country began.”

Together we have the power to make the above true. MARCH!

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

Two New We Are Woman Event Flyers

We have two new flyers created by Graphic Artist Melissa Compton. Please download the high resolution versions for printing.

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We Are the Next Generation Poster

Here is a new poster for you to use and share. If you would like a high resolution version for printing please click HERE.

Today's Reason For Marching - To Stop Rape

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
30 days till the MARCH 8-18-12

Rape isn't about sex, it's about power, sexual entitlement, and keeping women in their place. One in five women have been victims of rape or attempted rape. One in three women will suffer spousal abuse, sexual assault, stalking, or a combination of all three in her lifetime. 2/3 of women victimized by sexual predators suffer Post Traumatic Stress DisorderWomen do not dress for rape, all rape is forcible rape whether the victim is a prisoner in a rape camp or home in her own bed. A legal system and collective rational that continues to blame the victim is reprehensible and unacceptable. We MARCH.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

We Are Woman Press Release 7.17.12

7.17.12 Washington, DC – With recent endorsements from Rock the Slut Vote, the Florida Rainbow Push Coalition, and Equality Florida, as well as congressional candidate Wayne Powell, the We Are Woman rally scheduled for the west lawn of the United States Capitol on Saturday, August 18th, is shaping up to be a critical event in the movement against the modern-day war on women. Organized in support of “rights affecting our bodies, our health, our families, our livelihood, and our future,” the rally is expected to draw women, men, and children from all over the United States.

Across America, volunteers have come together to organize publicity, speakers, supplies, and facilities for the event. The current speaker line up includes Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida, Rev. McKenzie, coordinator from the Rainbow Push Coalition, and Virginia’s Wayne Powell, as well as musical performers, comedians, and other activists.

Affordable transportation is available via bus and carpool, and attendees are coordinating travel and lodging through the state forums on WeAreWoman.us. Interested supporters are invited to sign on and begin making plans with local rally-goers.

Donations from individuals and organizations are also being collected to support the rally. Sponsors can learn more about funding options from WeAreWoman.us. A CafePress store has also been created for both fundraising and visibility.

Erin Nanasi, founder of We Are Woman and whose “We Are Warriors” video inspired the rally, explains how We Are Woman is drawing people from all genders, races, backgrounds, and political ideologies to the cause: “For those of you who think this rally is just about women's issues, you're wrong. Understand that we, women, are at the forefront of this movement, but we are not alone. Anyone, everyone, who does not fit the new congress' narrow view of what America should be is in danger.”

In anticipation of November's critical presidential election and in retaliation for more than a thousand anti-women laws being passed through state houses throughout the United States, We Are Woman expects a large and enthusiastic crowd to remind state and federal legislators, “We are women, and we are watching.”

The co-founders of the event say that they are looking forward to, "Joining with others all over the country to stand shoulder to shoulder and shout 'No more!'"

For more information, to volunteer or donate, and to connect with others who will be attending the rally, please visit:

Website: http://www.wearewoman.us
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wearewoman.us
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WeAreWomanUSA
Forums: http://www.wearewoman.us/p/forum.html
State Forums: http://bit.ly/stateforums

Today's Reason To March - Equal Pay For Equal Work

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Age Woman Talking 
Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
31 Days till the MARCH 8-18-12

On May 23, 2012, Senate Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), the longest serving female in the Senate, introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act calling for equal pay in the workplace. On June 5, 2012, ALL Senate Republicans, including the women, blocked the bill. The names of the women who blocked the bill are; Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Susan Collins (Maine), Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Olympia Snowe (Maine).

Senator Susan Collins offered the following reasoning for the Republican women’s vote against wage parity.

“We already have on the books the Equal Pay Act, the Civil Rights Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which I did support. I believe that they provide adequate protections."

Clearly they do not provide “adequate protections” Ms. Collins, or women would not be earning $.77 to every dollar a man earns. As for Ledbetter, which I thank you for supporting and President Obama for signing, the bill evens out the playing field for women to sue for wage discrimination but it does absolutely nothing to address wage parity. Ledbetter in conjunction with the Paycheck Fairness Act, however, would have put a real dent in wage discrimination because it would have closed easy to slip through loopholes thus making the law easier to enforce. Just so you know Ms. Collins the gap in earnings between men and women, "translates into $10,784 less per year in median earnings, leaving women and their families shortchanged."

 Senator Mikulski’s response to the Republican’s filibuster of the Paycheck Fairness Act was so brilliant I am re-posting it here in its entirely.

"Although we lost the vote today, we're not going to give up the battle. While it is a sad day here in the U.S. Senate, it's an even sadder day each day a woman earns less than a man doing the same job with the same education.  

It's unfortunate that today's vote occurred strictly along party lines. It's my hope that we can bring this bill up again and forge a bipartisan vote.  

As we come up on the 49th anniversary of equal pay for equal work, we're not going to let this bill die because of parliamentary entanglements. The majority should rule in the United States Senate.  

While John Adams and all the guys were in Philadelphia writing the U.S. Constitution, his wife Abigail wrote him a letter that said, 'Do not forget the ladies or they will foment a revolution of their own.

Well, they did forget the ladies. And the ladies did foment a revolution of their own. It was called the suffrage movement. It took 150 years for women to secure the right to vote. And now they've forgotten the ladies again by not getting rid of the loopholes in the Equal Pay Act that are making it hard to end pay discrimination. But we're not going to wait another 49 years. 

"So, I say to the women of America, let's keep this fight going. Put on your lipstick, square your shoulders, suit up and let's fight for this new American Revolution where women get equal pay for equal work. Let's end wage discrimination in this century once and for all."  

So my darlings, let's take what Senate Barbara Mikulski to heart, let's end wage discrimination in this century once and for all. MARCH!!!

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools

Rain Or Shine Bring Your Painted Umbrellas

Due to the extreme heat this summer we will still be having the rally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. but we will no longer be having a pre-rally march. Your health and safety is our number one concern. Because of the location on the West Front Lawn of the Capitol, there will not be shade or shelter for participants.

Several of our volunteers came up with the idea of painted umbrellas for the rally. This would serve as shelter from sun or rain as well as rally/protest signs. Be creative and paint your own umbrella to bring to the rally!

Download High Resolution Image for Sharing and Printing

Today's Reason To March - Because Women Aren't Livestock

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

A story I will tell my future granddaughter when she asks me about the War Against Women.

"One representative compared women to livestock, seriously to pigs and cows."

"Gramma you're making it up!"

"No baby I'm not, here's the video."

"And then what happened gramma?"

"All the women and all the men who loved them came together and marched and we changed the world."

Monday, July 16th, 2012
32 days till the MARCH 8-18-12
Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat

We Are Woman Rally on DC Promo Video

We are pleased to release our newest promotional video generously created for us by Emmy Rivera. Please help us to get the word out by sharing this video far and wide. Thank you!

Today's Reason To March - To Stop Religion From Imposing Its Will On The Tribe Of Women

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

Sunday, July 15th
33 Days Till The MARCH 8-18-12

Women’s reproductive freedom is not a war against religion; it is a war against religion imposing its will on the tribe of women. To say that the battle for women’s rights and women’s reproductive freedom isn’t about religion though would be a lie. It is about a religion; an extremely loud and rich group of men and women are using their God and the holy texts from which He sprung as sacred and moral reason for their actions and that is persecution. The witch burnings of the middle ages come to mind. 

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan

Regulating The Seed Spilling Activities of Men

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking

To: The Republican Party
From: The Kitchen Table Caucus
Dear Republican Party,
I honestly believe that you and the rest of the pro-life movement feel you have a mandate from God to legislate what women can and can’t do with their bodies; of course the God you represent was created by man for man a little over five thousand years ago when he re-wrote the Genesis story. Unknown to the vast majority of the global population, the purpose of the re-written Genesis was to destroy the religion of the Goddess; the subsequent genocide of Goddess worshipping people, necessary to impose the will and ways of the new, hornless, lightning-throwing God, is recorded in the old testament.
Sirs, I don’t expect you to follow any of the above; being evangelical Christians, the actual history of the bible and the foundation of your ethics and morality is of no importance to you, but I’m sure when I say I’ve come up with a ‘Solomon Solution,’ to the abortion problem you, bible literate men, will understand the reference. As you are fully aware the creators of the legislation regulating what I can and can’t do with my body are overwhelmingly male; yes there are lots of pro-life women but the pro-life movement itself is run and funded by men. It only seems fair that if men can tell me what I can do with my body then I should be able to tell men what they can do with their bodies. I contacted the Kitchen Table Caucus who ran a few studies and am pleased to report that 98% of the women interviewed would be perfectly willing to give up their reproductive freedoms, (abortion, contraception, and family planning) if they were allowed to legislate men’s sexual activities. Sexual activities would be defined as any activity where semen is spilled, i.e. fucking, jerking off, and blow jobs.
It makes perfect sense; men’s sexual activities are the reason women need abortions. If they would just wrap the pickle we would not be having this conversation, now would we? It’s true jerking off and blow-jobs don’t make a baby but I think it’s realistic to consider both “gateway” behaviors, meaning they lead to fucking, in much the same way smoking marijuana leads to heroin addiction. Our biggest obstacle will be the political action committee (or PAC) that will no doubt form and said PAC’s lobbyists. Clearly they’re going to be against legislating when and if a man is allowed to spill seed but the ladies of the Kitchen Table Caucus and I are ready with an on-point and powerful message that will render any argument null and void….the most effective way to eradicate a problem is to remove whatever is causing the problem and what is causing the problem is semen. This is a biological fact. No semen, no baby.
There is no question that men are going to strongly resist having their sexual activity legislated and if they hook up with the men who are part of the class action suit suing for the return of their foreskins we’re in for quite the wrangle. The reality is this…men’s sexual activities would not have to be regulated if they behaved responsibly and clearly they have not or abortion wouldn’t be an issue. How we’re going to regulate men’s sexuality is up for debate; I’m not sure if it’s a matter of chips and an I.P. number, or if Montsanto needs to be brought into it, but I an confident that women from both sides of the aisle, working together, and utilizing town meetings, will come up with the perfect solution. No doubt some kind of re-programming will be an in order, perhaps a sonogram of live, swimming sperm and/or cross-country billboards of bible scripture. The bible is fraught with strongly worded scripture against the seed spilling activities of men with other men, animals, and women, and if I understand correctly the bible is God’s word and the law by which you abide. Clearly if there are so many rules and regulations around the seed spilling activities of men, it stands to reason that the regulation of men’s sexual activities is your God’s answer to the abortion problem. I know, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
All the best, Katherine Manaan
The Kitchen Table Caucus

The Reformed Whores Support the We Are Woman Rally 8.18.12

Thank you to the Reformed Whores for this great video and for their support!

Click Here to visit their website.

They will be performing at the Rally on 8.18.12!

Today's Reason To March - To Stop The AUL

By: Katherine Manaan - Middle Aged Woman Talking

Saturday, July 14, 2012 

34 Days till the MARCH 8-18-12

The nationwide juggernaut of anti-abortion legislation we witnessed in 2011, and are witnessing daily in 2012, is part of a perfectly coordinated and precisely executed strategy to chip away at abortion rights at the state level. It’s quite brilliant actually, why take on abortion at the federal level where a win is not guaranteed when with the right language in the right states, a win is guaranteed. This is the thinking of Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United for Life. “You don’t have to overturn Roe to actually make progress at state level,” she said. The point is to make Roe “crumble under its own weight and become irrelevant.” This is why all the legislation you’re seeing is geared towards making abortion, a heart wrenching and remarkably hard choice to begin with, as horrifically difficult and humiliating as possible.

AUL, the legal wing of the pro-life movement and Charmaine Yoest, its President and CEO for the past three years, are the players behind the Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood and the bills for pre-abortion ultra-sounds, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, forced viewing of an ultra-sound, abortion waiting periods, parental notification, required viewing of state established anti-choice websites, re-defining gestation time, the question of fetal pain, abortion causes breast cancer lies, required pro-life counseling, and clinic regulations so restrictive that clinics have to close their doors. The effectiveness of the bills is due in large part to the language, what is called “model language” and that language is spelled out in AUL’s annual report, Defending Life: Proven Strategies for a Pro-Life American. Once the bill is written, and AUL will provide lawyers to help, it’s just a matter of getting it into the hands of a pro-life elected official, in a state friendly to anti-abortion measures, to move it through the legislature. Defending Life just happens to rate the states friendliest, and not so friendly, to anti-abortion legislature.

A married mother of five, a breast cancer survivor, a high-powered career – she testified against Sonia Sotomayor – Charmaine looks like the person you sold doughnuts with to raise money for your child’s class trip and comes across as the kind of reasonable, rational woman you’d believe if she warned you away from the produce at the store on the corner of Elm and Maple, in favor of the produce at the store on Main. Her appearance, her demeanor, her way of answering every question as if she is protecting and empowering women, perfectly masks the true thrust of the pro-life movement namely the harassment, coercion, and intimidation of women and the absolute annihilation of women’s reproductive freedom and choice. Charmaine Yoest is one of the female faces of the moral authority that is Patriarchy, a woman against the tribe of women.


Dear Kidd Kraddick: A Joke Is When You Say Something, And People Besides The Sociopaths Laugh

By: Carson Bowers

Note: Jokes about sexual assault are unfortunately common. ⅓ of women will be raped in their lifetime. This means that every single time an entertainer chooses to joke about sexual assault, they do so knowing that many in their audience will have suffered from this sort of crime. Normally when I hear them I say something, and move on. Unfortunately for Mr. Kraddick my son idolizes him, which means that when he makes rape jokes I feel a moral obligation to make a public statement about it. Statistics show that at least ⅓ of women will be raped in their lifetimes. Many of these women will be raped multiple times. Kidd Kraddick’s comments on rape were a perpetuation of rape culture. Rape culture tells us it is the victim’s fault. Rape culture says, “lie back and enjoy it”. Rape culture says, “you were raped because you were a slut.” Rape culture says, “rape is flattery.” Rape culture says, “women who are raped are lying and only regret having a wild night.” These are all misconceptions Mr. Kraddick could have educated the public about. Instead, he chose to repeat the horrendous lie that the victims of a violent crime are lying and not deserving of compassion.

Kidd Kraddick recently had a conversation on his show about “a new epidemic” that was sweeping the nation. The “women-who-say-they’ve-been-roofied” epidemic. He went on to say that women who claim to be roofied are just trying to cover up a “wild night” they regret.

I have left several comments on Mr. Kraddick’s page, from the polite to the extreme. In all of those comments, I have asked him for an apology. My comments have been deleted, and the cries for an apology (from me and numerous others) have gone ignored. I have been banned from leaving comments on Mr. Kraddick’s page. It appears that Mr. Kraddick can joke about rape all day long, but the moment someone calls him out on it he shows his cowardice. It also appears that Mr. Kraddick doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of speech -- that is, he can say any stupid thing he wants to and that is his right. Just as it is my right to speak out against it. In short, if he cannot take it then he should not dish it out. Anybody who works with the women’s movement can tell you - there are two types of people one should avoid making angry. Rape survivors, and mothers. I am both, and I am angry. Here is my response:

Dear Kidd Kraddick,
Your recent comments making light of women who are drugged and then raped has caused quite a stir. I commented on your page, a comment which you have regrettably taken down. In that comment, I questioned your mother’s parenting skills and assured you that I am a better parent than that to my boy and I will do whatever I can to make sure he never makes light of rape, and never rapes.

Apparently I hit a nerve. Your mother is dead. I had no idea. You are still grieving her death. I assume this is the case given the hate mail I received from one of your fans (employees?) They sent it to my work email. They signed it “Your mom” and put their email address as “eatme@dbag.com”. They also told me I should be “ashamed” of the venom I am spewing. Forgive me, but anyone who would admit to being a d-bag (Hey, it’s THEIR email address, right?) and who signs letters sent to my work emails as Anonymous that are designed to intimidate and harass really does not have much of a point to make.

What an interesting juxtaposition this is, Mr. Kraddick! You went on the air and made disgusting, misogynist statements that hit a raw nerve with women and men all over the country. You insulted numerous people’s mothers when you implied that rape victims are lying. You made venomous, hateful, thoughtless, cruel statements about a situation you know NOTHING about. You made light of a crime that is grossly underreported in this country and implied that the women who say they are roofied are lying. I understand you didn’t actually say the word, “rape”, however the implication is clear: Women who say they were raped are liars.

I went on your page and questioned your mother’s parenting skills. It was a question that I can assure you was nothing more than hyperbole. However, given your reaction, this does make an interesting situation for you to be in. You made callous statements that hurt a lot of people. One of those people (me) made a statement which you viewed as callous.

It appears that you are dishing out that which you cannot take. Because if, in fact, using your mother as an example of just how ashamed of yourself you should be is the worst thing anyone could possibly say to you, then I only have one response -- Touche!

The beauty of it is this: You really have no power over me. You really can’t upset me. You can make me angry, but you cannot make me question my own experience, nor can you hurt me. You didn’t say anything on your show I haven’t heard numerous other people say both to me personally about my rape, and that every other rape survivor hasn’t heard. In fact, I’ve never heard of a woman being raped and NOT being questioned about it and called names. Part of being a rape survivor instead of a rape victim is coming to a point where one can hear these things and be angry, speak out, but not take it personally enough to be re-traumatized over it.

I’ve noticed something interesting about misogynists like you, Mr. Kraddick. Most of you seem to suffer from Madonna/Whore syndrome. You cannot STAND to see your sainted mothers criticized, yet you act as if every other woman is a lying whore.

But here is the thing, Mr. Kraddick: Me asking about your mother’s parenting skills was not a pot shot. I can only assume if you are joking about rape, that she never educated you. Perhaps this is because she lived in a time when people blamed women (well they still do, but we survivors are louder about it now.) Who knows? Maybe your own mother was raped. You probably wouldn’t know. She may have never told you. A lot of women carry that shame in secret, mostly because of people like you who imply they are lying. They know they will never get justice, so they try to cover it up and move on as quickly as possible.

This really did give me pause, Mr. Kraddick. After all, I am a women’s rights activist. My son knows this. My son does not know about the two rapists I reported to two different police departments. He doesn’t know because charges weren’t pressed. He doesn’t know because the assumption is always that the woman is lying.

I never mentioned it to him because it is entirely too painful a subject for me -- up til now, I wanted to shield him from the fact that his mother went through the pain and recovery from rape. I wanted him to never know how I was victimized and ultimately survived.

Thanks to you Mr. Kraddick, I realize this is a great disservice to my son (who by the way is a great fan of yours, and listens to your show).

There is no need to give him gory details of my experience. There really is no need to tell him of it at all, except to say that your comments are something I take personally and find morally repugnant, and then use your words as a starting point for a conversation having to do with respect, compassion, and empathy for others.

Your implication that rape victims are lying when statistics prove otherwise is nothing short of astonishing. Someone on your page asked the question: if women will lie about being pregnant or having cancer, why wouldn’t they lie about being raped?

Well, of course some people will lie about anything. However, there is a huge difference in these situations. Women who lie about being pregnant or having cancer are generally found out eventually, but not at first because NOBODY ASSUMES THEY ARE LYING.

When a woman is raped, EVERYBODY assumes she is lying. Or at least, a large enough majority that when I went through reporting two rapists I lost friends both times because “he seems like such a nice guy” and “maybe you gave him the wrong idea?” Oh but my favorite is “you just got drunk, had a one night stand, and regretted it.”

Regretting a one-night stand does not lead to years of recovery, PTSD, and therapy, Mr. Kraddick. It certainly doesn’t lead to open letters like this, calling you out on your hypocrisy.

Also, I found your anger at women for suspecting men to be rapists rather out of touch with reality. After all, shouldn’t the rapists be the ones making you angry? If you and other men are in fact such “nice”, normal guys, who would never ever hurt a woman or rape her, then shouldn’t the fact that rape is so prevalent in this country that women are automatically suspicious make you absolutely livid? Shouldn’t you, instead of making yourself and other “nice guys” out to be the victims, actually do something to educate people about rape, and try to stop it, rather than being angry at women for being cautious?

Talk about male privilege!

Aside: You have a daughter in college, correct? This is what I understand from your webpage. Now...if your daughter was drugged and raped (which happens to at least ¼ of college aged women, though many people believe the number is much higher due to underreporting), would you find your jokes about roofies funny then? Or would it be a different matter. “MY daughter would never lie about that. How dare anyone accuse her of making it up!” Would you be offended if your daughter reported a rape and nothing was done to the perpetrator? Would you be angry if people accused her of lying? I can assure you that if GOD FORBID this ever happens to her, this is exactly what you are going to deal with.

It is called “rape culture” Mr. Kraddick, and you have just contributed to it.

I did a google search on your mother. I couldn’t find any information about her. I was specifically looking for the cause and date of her death, so I could get a good idea of how fresh this wound is for you.

Because I can’t find any information about her, I am going to assume that you are still grieving her death something fierce. I am going to also assume that you loved her and are not, in fact, a sociopath, but instead woefully undereducated.

I am also going to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that the harassing, cowardly email I received was not from you or one of your employees, but instead a deranged fan.

I am in short, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you do not see fit to extend to victims of sexual assault, in the hopes that you will be able to take something from all of this.

I was not attacking your mother, Mr. Kraddick. As I stated before, I was using hyperbole. If you do not want people to question your mother’s parenting skills, I suggest you adjust your actions to reflect upon her better.
For that matter, if your mother truly raised you right, then she raised you to know that when you make a hateful, ignorant statement about millions of women, there is only one thing to do: apologize. Prove to me that your mother raised you right, Mr. Kraddick. If you don’t issue an apology, I am going to assume that your mother did not parent you correctly. I really won’t have any other choice. You see, my words were hyperbole, but your actions speak for themselves.

Now that I have given you a stern lecture, I would like to issue you an apology: Because I have chosen to give you the benefit of the doubt, I will say this. I would never willfully attack the character of a woman I don’t know anything about.

If you are in fact grieving the death of your mother still, and this upset you as much as it obviously has, I truly apologize. As I said, it was hyperbole, however I can understand that if you are grieving her death then it struck you in your heart of hearts, and it probably brought up a lot of pain for you, pain that you didn’t expect from a stranger, criticism that you didn’t dream of hearing about something you know about so intimately, and I am completely unaware of.

Do you not see the parallel, Mr. Kraddick?

I am a big enough person to publicly apologize for any insult you felt.

Are you a big enough person to do the same?

Carson Bowers
For more information about rape culture, please read http://www.shakesville.com/2009/10/rape-culture-101.html

Today's Reason To March - Because Republican Governors Who Refuse To Implement The Affordable Care Act Should Lose Their Taxpayer Funded Health Insurance

By: Katherine Manaan
Middle Aged Woman Talking
Friday, July 13th, 2012

This video put together by UniteWomen.org says it all!

44 Days Till The MARCH 8-18-12
Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine

You Know It Don’t Come Easy

By: Honora Wade

I came of age just after the “first wave” of feminism. Or did I? I was of high school age in the 70s – that post-60s generation who benefited greatly from the feminists who came before us and garnered us rights related to credit, breaking certain glass ceilings (but not all), and more. But as I grew older, I came to realize that I was wholly ignorant of a great number of women who fought really hard, ugly fights to gain rights that, even back “in the day,” I took for granted . . . for example, the right to vote.  It took a lot of discussions and books and movies to make me aware that Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were NOT the only feminists who made the difference when it came to my sense of entitlement about voting when I came “of age” to vote in the 1980 presidential election.  

I worked on my first political campaign (for George McGovern) at the tender age of 13. And I was crushed when Nixon won that election evening.  And (as was often the case in my family), my mother sent my older brother down the street to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream for everyone – that was our comfort food and comfort process for everything from earthquakes to lost roles in auditions to minor/major car accidents to, yes, lost political campaigns. And I ate my Pineapple Ice through tears . . . and we watched the rest of the election results roll in (although the election was called long before the CA polls even closed).

To this day, I’m not sure whether my father really voted for Shirley Chisholm in the primaries of that election or if he just told me he did to curry my feminist favor. But the fact that he cared enough to impress me still touches my heart – I don’t think I really want to know the truth.

Flash forward 20+ years to me as the parent of a 16 year-old young woman in 2004 and the HBO premiere of “Iron Jawed Angels.” By then, I’d read and discussed and learned enough to know that women’s suffrage was NOT some simplistic sweet story of how Susan B. Anthony refused to pay a fine in 1872 when she cast a vote . . . instead, decades went by as women continued to organize, campaign, complain, argue amongst themselves about best tactics, and ultimately split on whether to take a more moderate or activist approach. 

And the upshot is . . . I ADORE Alice Paul.  I ADORE Lucy Burns. I ADORE Ruza Wenclawska and every other woman who got tired of being polite . . . of being patient . . . of “waiting their turn.”  I made my then-16 year old daughter watch this show - twice. Because I wanted her to know that sometimes, you have to take a stand. You have to be impolite. You have to say, “ENOUGH.”   I wept as I relived the protesting that engendered spitting and angry vitriol and violence, the social ostracism that women endured when everyone wanted them to again say, "Our time will come . . . eventually," the force-feeding and imprisonment . . . and instead, they said, "Our time is NOW."

Ladies (and Gentlemen), it is my firm belief that it is beyond time to say, “ENOUGH.” The time is NOW. I hope you join us in Washington, D.C. on August 18., 2012 to say, “ENOUGH!” to well over 1,000 pieces of anti-women legislation.  We are in crisis in America – the economy, jobs, housing and more. To take this period of economic crisis and turn it on women and our reproductive, economic, familial, and a whole range of other RIGHTS is unacceptable. 

Standing one's ground is not comfortable. Standing one's ground is not easy. Standing strong in the face of those who would roll back hard-won rights by our ancestors is scary and uncomfortable. But it is my firm belief that we owe it to their memory and their sacrifice to make our own (far lesser) sacrifices to preserve those hard-won rights – for our own daughters and those of others . . . for women everywhere.  I can’t wait to see you mid-August when we rise up as a group and say, “ENOUGH!”

Today's Reason To March - Because Dominos Pizza Thinks No Means Yes

By: Katherine Manaan - Middle Aged Woman Talking

Thursday July 12, 2012 - Today's Reason To MARCH 
Because Dominos Pizza Thinks No Means Yes
34 Days till the MARCH 8-18-12
The following article was written by electablog:

Bain Capital-owned Domino’s Pizza makes a hah-hah rape joke with its new “NO IS THE NEW YES” campaign

I was with a group of people who ordered Domino’s Pizza this past weekend. When the pizzas came, some of them, called “Artisan Pizzas”, came in a box with the phrase “NO IS THE NEW YES” in large font across the top. Almost everyone in the room of about a dozen people collectively went “WTF?”

Turns out that the Ann Arbor-based company rolled out this new marketing campaign in April of this year. The idea behind it is that they have found some topping combinations that are so perfect that they won’t allow customers to screw them up by altering them. In other words, if customers ask to customize the toppings on these “Artisan Pizzas”, they will be told “no”.

Apparently Domino’s, currently owned by Bain Capital and owned founded by the very conservative Tom Monaghan, founder of the far-right Thomas More Law Center and other Catholic organizations aimed at promoting his religious views throughout society, doesn’t have any women on their marketing team.

The ad agency Domino's used to create the ad is called the CPB Group. You can call 305-859-2070, ask to speak to Tammy Degrasse-Cabrera and complain. You can also complain to Dominos via email.

Wow, a Catholic Dominionist, Bain Capital, and women against the tribe of women. We MARCH!!!

Today's Reason For Marching - Crisis Pregnancy Centers

By: Katherine Manaan - Middle Aged Woman Talking

Today is Wednesday, July 11, 2012
35 Days till the MARCH 8-18-12


In Ohio HB 298 was snuck into the state budget to avoid public scrutiny and the word “defund” became “re-prioritize.” The bill passed and Planned Parenthood is now at the bottom of the barrel for receiving federal monies for health care for low-income and poor women. If I were to hazard a guess where Ohio was planning on steering some of those federal monies I would say to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are the pro-life movement’s Planned Parenthood, with scripture and without the choice, and are currently pushing free sonograms. Of course they are; 23 states now require sonograms before an abortion thanks to the AUL (Americans United For Life) the legal wing of the anti-choice movement. I wrote the above a few months ago in a Woman Against Women piece I did for Addicting Info.
Today I read the following: Women Referred Only to CPCs by VA Dept. of Health for Mandatory Ultrasounds  

"To accompany Virginia’s new anti-abortion law, which requires women to get an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion, the Virginia Department of Health released a list of businesses that offer “free” ultrasounds. All sixteen businesses on the list are anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)."

Once again I am struck by how organized the anti-choice movement is and how deep their tentacles thread through the federal and state government. 

Here's some more important information on Crisis Pregnancy Centers from:

 Crisis Pregnancy Centers "have a history of giving women wrong, biased information to scare them into not having abortions." These centers:

  • may not give you complete and correct information about all your options  abortion, adoption, and parenting
  • may try to frighten you with misleading films and pictures to keep you from choosing abortion
  • may lie to you about the medical and emotional effects of abortion
  • may tell you that you are not pregnant even if you are. This may fool you into continuing your pregnancy without knowing it. If your decision is delayed, it could make abortion more risky. It could also keep you from getting early prenatal care.
  • may discourage you from using certain methods of birth control that are very safe and effective
Crisis pregnancy centers often pretend to be real health care providers but many are not. These fake clinics often trick women with false advertising. They may make women think they will be offered unbiased information and a full range of health services.
Crisis pregnancy centers also sometimes try to trick women by using names that are similar to the names of real reproductive health centers in the neighborhood. Many times, the crisis pregnancy centers are located very close to real reproductive health centers. This makes it easy for women to go to the crisis pregnancy center by mistake."
Lies include fetal pain, abortion causes breast cancer, abortion causes nervous breakdowns, severe depression and mental illness, and eternity in hell. 
Stop the lies. Expose the corruption. MARCH!