We Are Woman

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Our vision is to be leaders in driving positive change to protect the rights of women and families, through collaboration, partnerships and action.

Mission Statement

We Are Woman is a national advocacy group dedicated to protecting human rights and improving the lives of women and families through collaboration, advocacy, education and outreach by building a network of community members, volunteer agencies, grassroots and larger organizations that work together as a unified force for positive change.

We Are Woman Values

We work together and trust each other

Elevate issues to help get the ERA ratified

Always be prepared with facts

Raise awareness regarding the lack of constitutional equality

Enable others to stand up and take action

Women united cannot be defeated

Organize organize organize and build coalitions

Measure affects of proposed laws and broadcast to the public for education purposes

Always be open minded and inclusive of all

Never underestimate our power together and never give up

Focus Areas

  • ERA - Equal Rights Amendment - Let's get it passed!
  • Voter Education
  • Legislative Awareness
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Economic Justice
  • Women & Family Health
  • Addressing Violence Against Women
  • Addressing Rape, Sexual Abuse & Harassment