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E.R.A. News:

On Thursday May 12 Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman (NJ-12) hosted a Special Order Hour on Thursday May 12th to discuss why we need an Equal Rights Amendment and the importance of passage and ratification. She was joined on the House floor by Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) and Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18).

“We’re here again Mr. Speaker and we’ll keep coming back until it’s done,” begins Congresswoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman who has pledged to use The Special Order Hour every month to highlight the Equal Rights Amendment. Stating the case for ratification or passage of the E.R.A. she gave examples of how the E.R.A. would provide constitutional grounds to pass legislation to protect women’s rights and stronger legal platforms to fight pregnancy discrimination, or protest gender bias discrimination.

As she prepared to give the floor to Congresswoman Maloney she declared, “It is time for a coalition of women of every ethnicity, every religion, every nationality, and every race to stand united in the call for the E.R.A. because it is for all of us.”

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney highlighted gender-based pay discrimination, noting woman of color face even greater pay disparity, women are 75% more likely to live in poverty, and emphasizing the impact pay inequity has on the financial stability of women and families, as well as the overall economic growth. “Without the E.R.A.,” she states, “there is no recourse to fight gender discrimination.”

The Constitution “has not protected women in their rightful place in this society,” noted Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee, continuing on to explain that having sectors of rights is not the same as having constitutional protection. “What the Equal Rights Amendment does;” stated the Congresswoman, “It pierces the veil of governmental leadership and governance, and it says to the fifty states that you must adhere to the constitution as it relates to women.”

Watch March 2, 2016 video of Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman (NJ-12) a she hosts the first of many Special Order Hour on Thursday May 12th to discuss the passage and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. She was joined on the House floor by Representatives Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Gwen Graham (FL-2) and Jackie Speier (CA-14).

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