We Are Woman

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Sheroes & Herstory:

Gloria Steinem 


Dorothy Pitman-Hughes

Activist, organizer, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, she continues to serve as a consulting editor for Ms., now published by the Feminist Majority Foundation and was the founding president of the Ms. Foundation for Women. She is a co-founder of the Women's Action Alliance, a pioneering national information center and of the National Women's Political Caucus, a group that continues to work to advance the numbers of pro-equality women in elected and appointed office at a national and state level. Gloria also co-founded the Women's Media Center a nonprofit progressive womens media organization. Read more about Gloria and her current work here...

Activist, community organizer, creator of the first shelter for battered women in New York City and co-founded the NYC Agency for Child Development (now the NYC Administration for Children's Services). She was one of the co-founders of Ms. Magazine and co-founded The Women’s Action Alliance with Gloria Steinem (and others) in 1971. Dorothy and Gloria toured together in the 1970s speaking about gender, class and race. Read more about Dorothy and her current work...