We Are Woman

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Join Us To Rally In Washington D.C., September 12th and 13th, 2014

A new generation is taking up the fight to finally put women on equal footing with men and have our right to equal protection under the law codified in the U.S. Constitution.  We spoke out loud and clear for equality in 2012, but they’re still not listening, so we’re doing it AGAIN in 2014!  We Are Woman, in partnership with ERA Action and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), is organizing a 2-day event in Washington, DC.


We are putting our legislators on notice:

  • We will not wait another 200 years for equality; we demand equal protection under the law NOW.
  • If you don’t support our rights, we will not support your candidacy.
  • We demand DEEDS not WORDS, and we VOTE– if we elect you and you don’t take action in support of equality, we will vote you OUT.

We hope you will join us and connect with others at what promises to be a fun and inspirational rally with some great speakers and presenters! More details are coming soon. 

Fri 9-12-14 – DAY OF ACTION

We will visit legislators on Capitol Hill to deliver a list of the people who signed our pledge to vote and seek support for removal of the ERA ratification deadline and more! More details coming soon!


Corporate Personhood: Women's Rights and Voter Rights

Citizens United activists. Voter’s rights activists. Women’s rights activists. 

What do these three groups have in common? Corporate Personhood. Thanks to a couple of rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). 


A Special Thank You to Protect Our Defenders

We honor and thank Protect Our Defenders for providing legal support for service members and veterans who have suffered sexual assault. 

They embody everything the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and Voter's rights are about.

Service: When WOMEN Come Marching Home

SERVICE, the film, portrays the courage of several women veterans as they transition from active duty to their civilian lives. We see the horrific traumas they faced, their invisible as well as physical injuries and all their challenges in receiving benefits and care. We follow them through the large and small accomplishments they work mightily to achieve. Broadcast on PBS thanks to DAV.